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Business and Utility CEOs Call for Action on Energy and Climate
The Message to President Obama and Congress: "We Can Lead"

WASHINGTON, DC; June 23, 2009 — In a new series of print ads running in key Washington, DC publications, business leaders from companies of all sizes and across numerous sectors are calling upon President Obama and Congress to swiftly enact comprehensive legislation to cut carbon pollution and create an economy-wide cap and trade program.

In a letter published today, a broad group of business leaders endorsed passage of legislation to cut carbon pollution and boost clean energy:

"We support this legislation because certainty and clear rules of the road enable us to plan, build, innovate and expand our businesses. This will drive investment into cost-saving, energy-saving technologies and will create the next wave of jobs in the new energy economy."

The ongoing "We Can Lead" campaign is putting the spotlight on the growing number of businesses, investors and entrepreneurs working to make the United States the economic leader in clean energy innovation and new job growth in manufacturing and generation.

"Nobody understands the requirements for building a strong economy better than business leaders and innovators," said Clean Economy Network Executive Director Jeff Anderson. "The businesses that added their names to this statement know that leading on climate and energy is the pathway to a stronger economy. We must act now in order to compete with China, India, Germany and Japan to ensure that the millions of new jobs at stake in engineering, manufacturing and installation land here in the United States."

"A huge segment of the American business community wants action now, including many of the nation's largest utilities and consumer companies," said Ceres president Mindy S. Lubber, whose group coordinates the Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP) coalition. Eight BICEP companies signed the ad. "This bill is the spark for America to catalyze a clean energy economy - with all the jobs, environmental and health benefits that come with it"," concluded Lubber. center>

Companies signing the ad include:

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